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Telecommunications company, Globacom, has commended Nigerian workers for their patriotism, diligence and doggedness in the face of global economic challenges, urging them to use the May Day celebration to reaffirm their commitment to the service of their fatherland.

Globacom, in a statement on Friday in commemoration of the 2021 International Workers’ Day, described Nigerian workers as “the most resilient in the world,” adding that they had shown commendable dedication in spite of the challenges which the nation and its people are faced with.

Calling on the workers to remain dedicated to duty and redouble their efforts at achieving excellence in the workplace, Globacom advised labour unions to continue to contribute towards building a strong work culture that would help set Nigeria on the path of industrialisation and true greatness.

The statement said, “Globacom congratulates Nigerian workers as they join their counterparts all over the world to mark another Workers’ Day. Their commitment to nation-building and their resilience over the years is well-appreciated.

“We salute their dedication and uncommon courage, and wish to use the occasion of the Workers’ Day celebration to urge them to rededicate themselves to the social and economic development of the country.”

The company encouraged Nigerian workers to remain committed to the noble cause of building a strong, virile and prosperous nation, saying it was convinced that the challenging times being experienced globally and particularly in Nigeria would soon be over. © 1971-2021 The Punch newspaper

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